Light Painting

Light painting involves long exposure times and using light "brushes" to paint light into the scene in very specific ways. The most basic example would be shining a flashlight onto different parts of your subject while keeping the shutter open. It is possibly THE MOST FUN class I've taken at The SOPHA to date. Some of the below images were created using a very clever tool called the Pixel Stick. It's a long stick of light that can be programmed with patterns and images. Then you drag it through the scene (perhaps adding a creative twist or two) while leaving your camera's shutter open. That's how the flag, the text, the rainbow colors, and the flames were all created. I must get one for my very own!

Puppy Love

I was so fortunate this past weekend to have the pleasure of working with some furry pals from the Animal Rescue League of NH. The extremely talented Kim Sancranti of KSSimages took the reigns for the day teaching a group of us some of the ins and outs of animal photography at the Studio of Photographic Arts (SOPHA) in Manchester, NH. Several volunteers from ARL were on hand to help out, as well as eight lovable pooches! Last I hear, all but two of our four-footed guests have found their forever homes, but the shelter still has many more animals in need of a loving family.

Hearts and Milk Crates

Sometimes I just fall in love a new prop or backdrop. Okay, more than just sometimes. I may have a slight addiction! The barn board backdrop used in the images below is one of those times.

Add some hearts and LED lights, and voilà! A perfect Valentine's Day set.

Not into hearts and candy? How about a milk crate instead? I'd had the crate upside-down originally. He was supposed to just stand on it, but he decided he'd rather be IN it. I think he had the right idea.

I've acquired lots of new backdrops and props recently, including some adorable stuff for newborns! Hopefully I'll have some pics of those in use soon too!

Holiday Sessions 2015

This year I have two options for holiday photos - in my home studio in Groton, MA and in a much larger studio in Manchester, NH. Due to personal time constraints, I'm only offering a few spots this year, so contact me today to book your session!

This simple white background is the perfect backdrop for your Christmas PJs! Even the family pet may want to join in the fun (however reluctantly). As a blank canvas, the options for this setup are unlimited. The third image shows a few of the wearable prop options available. These photos can be done in either Groton or Manchester.

The Manchester location (The SOPHA) offers many additional background options to choose from this season.

Project 217?

I tried my best to keep going through the end of the year, but for the past month or so I haven't been feeling very well. Actually a bit longer than that, but I just don't want to go into details in a public forum. In addition to that, we're about to start remodeling the kitchen, which means I'll be losing my home studio for a couple of weeks or so while everything is displaced. And, of course, my home studio is where most of my Project 365 shots are taken. I still have the whole of the outdoors and the studios at The SOPHA to use should I need them, but for the daily posts it's going to be too difficult right now.

That doesn't mean I've been idle, though! I've been having fun taking back to school shots of my little ones with my newest backdrop and this adorable little desk I was given.

I also got a fancy new zoom lens, one I've been drooling over for a long time! It is AMAZING for portraits, but it also makes a great nature lens. It helped me get this hummingbird shot. I'm hoping to capture the male next time, but the female put on quite a show for me here.

So hopefully I'll get my health issues squared away soon so I can get back to daily photos.  My favorite season is just around the corner, and I need to get out there and shoot!