Location Lighting Workshop with SOPHA

I attended an amazing outdoor lighting workshop (combining sunlight and studio lights outside) with The SOPHA this past weekend. One of the members was kind enough to open up his gorgeous property to us for the day.

On the Wing

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a presentation on birds of prey by Jane Kelly of On the Wing in Epping, NH. The presentation was held at The Studio of Photographic Arts (SOPHA) in Manchester, NH, so naturally there was ample opportunity to photograph the birds as well as learn about their habits, habitats, personalities, diets, intelligence, etc.

It was fascinating to be so close to these creatures and realize just how lovely and gentle they can be. Jane brought four birds for us to meet - a large Eurasian Eagle Owl named Lela, a small Barn Owl named Guthrie, a Black Vulture named Ertie, and a Red Tailed Hawk named Ferguson. The vulture followed Jane around the studio like a puppy dog. It was quite an entertaining site!

The class filled up within ONE DAY of being announced. It will be offered again in the near future, so if you'd like to have first crack at signing up, email bud@thesopha.com and let him know. And if you're very lucky, Billy of Wicked Mojo Photography (NSFW) will stand in for a test shot or two.

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

A couple of winters ago I purchased my first bird feeder hoping for something fun to photograph without having to trek too far in the cold. It's since become a bit of an obsession, and the whole family now enjoys seeing the different birds that visit throughout the year. A couple of days ago, some folks in a local email group started chatting about a rose-breasted grosbeak they'd seen. I'd never seen nor heard of them before. The very next day, the male visited my feeders.  He caught me by surprise the first time, but I grabbed my camera and waited. He rewarded me with a return visit, and even seemed curious what I was up to. Isn't his plumage glorious?